The Threadgill Agency | 10 Tips To Leverage Your Brand On LinkedIn
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10 Tips To Leverage Your Brand On LinkedIn

10 Tips To Leverage Your Brand On LinkedIn

LinkedIn remains one of the best ways to grow your business, but not all business owners know the most effective ways to use it. Fortunately, the platform is easy-to-use and can yield successful results. Here are ten tips to leverage your brand on LinkedIn. 

1. Generate Brand Awareness

First of all, make sure your company’s LinkedIn banner (at the top of the page) is an image of your product or examples of your services. The profile photo can be your logo. List your name, address, photo, and logo the same way on LinkedIn as they are on other platforms and on Google to ensure that potential customers will be able to find and recognize you across all types of searches. Once that is taken care of, use LinkedIn’s advertising Campaign Manager to select your objective and customize your campaign to generate awareness and create leads that will bring you new customers! You can set your budget, create your ads, and reach LinkedIn’s extensive audience all through their platform.

2. Be Active 

We’re not talking about hitting the treadmill here, but the same idea applies–to see results, you should dedicate a little time to using the LinkedIn platform each day. This keeps your brand front and center on potential customer’s feeds. Set a time each week, or even each day, that you get online and interact. Post updates, link to your company blog, and leave comments on industry-related posts. Build connections with others in your field and in your consumers’ fields. Get to know your markets and make your name visible by commenting with tips or freebies where they might be helpful.

3. Attract Clients to Your Website

It may seem like common sense, but take advantage of every opportunity to link back to your company’s website or other social media like Facebook or Instagram. Use captivating headlines and targeted keywords on your website, and post the articles or updates on your LinkedIn page. What grabs readers in a search will grab them while perusing LinkedIn. You can also invite thought leaders in your field to guest-blog for your website, then promote your special guest blog on LinkedIn. Finally, make sure your site is user-friendly so that clients who get there, stay there. 

4. Find Leads

The beauty of LinkedIn is how it connects you to the community and helps you keep your finger on the professional pulse of your field. Make it a point to follow your clients as well as your business connections. See what they’re posting and what they care about to have an even better idea of their needs and wants. This puts you in the perfect position to offer them a solution with your brand. Continue to grow your network and reach out personally to those you already know in order to find further reach. Join LinkedIn groups where you can connect, ask questions, and provide value. This will organically develop leads from the people who see what you are offering in this community forum.

5. Grow Relationships

While you’re generating all those leads, remember to be authentic. Ask your current connections for introductions through a personal email or phone call. Keep your brand in their mind and offer to make an introduction for them in return or to solve a problem they might have that falls within your wheelhouse. Interact with the people and businesses posting in the groups you join. Spend a few minutes a day reading and replying to posts of interest. The whole time, you’ll be promoting the value add of your brand while attaching your logo to topics of interest to your clients and customers.

6. Create Client Engagement 

Clients like to feel engaged with the product and company they’re working with or buying from. Create interactive content for them to be able to contribute to your brand. It might be preferences and feedback on your product, or a social media survey ranking their greatest needs. You might even create an interactive graphic of your products or services. Offer free trials and promotions especially for your LinkedIn community. Write LinkedIn recommendations for clients (when it is authentic) to add to what you’re providing them while simultaneously increasing the visibility of your brand to their network.

7. Become a Thought Leader

Post and cross-post articles and updates on your brand’s innovations, theories, and methods. Promote them on your other social media sites as well to strengthen the presence of your brand across all forums. Contribute focused and relevant posts to the LinkedIn groups you’re a part of. A following will develop if you are consistent about posting new thoughts and strategies, and offering insights into your professional realm.

8. Solve Problems 

One of the key strategies in marketing and sales is to show clients how you’ll solve their problems. Promote this on LinkedIn as well. Demonstrate how you’ve solved client’s problems in the past by posting a story or interview. Share infographics that highlight the successes of your products and business strategies. Work your brand into a household name.

9. Add Video Content

Video is a highly effective medium for communicating your mission, values, products and services in thirty seconds or less. Let clients see the face of your brand, the quirky, off-beat voice of your marketing department, or examples of your responsive and friendly customer service.  

10. Celebrate Your People and Your Community

LinkedIn is the perfect platform to honor your employees and business connections. Celebrate them with posts, pictures, or videos. Show your clients how you value your own people and the culture you’ve built within your company that influences your brand. Celebrate your customer community by featuring successful partnerships and projects completed, or honoring customers with heartfelt missions. Post pictures and links to their achievements, too. Fostering this community will bring customers and clients back to your brand again and again.

Save a few minutes each day for implementing these proven strategies on LinkedIn and build the brand awareness you’re striving for.