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Toast the new year with fresh ideas and marketing trends to test in 2023. Set your marketing plan with creative strategies to create buzz for your business.
2023 Marketing Trends
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Try These Attention-Grabbing Marketing Trends in 2023

Try These Attention-Grabbing Marketing Trends in 2023

Top 8 Marketing Trends in 2023 to Try

Make some New Year’s resolutions about your branding strategy and jump into these 2023 marketing trends to get your business noticed. Looking back, what have you been too shy to try, and how can you authentically incorporate new trends to compete in today’s digital marketplace?

“Consumers are more tech-savvy than ever, and they want a fast, efficient, trustworthy customer experience at their fingertips,” says Mat Threadgill. “Your business doesn’t need to do everything 100 percent, but you need to use a few tools well, then analyze what works.”

User experience (or the full customer experience that encompasses online and in-person interactions) plays a vital role in someone’s willingness to purchase and return as a loyal customer and follower. This means a fast, easy-to-navigate website, a place where questions are answered quickly and thoroughly, and a pleasant customer journey (ad click, online product, Q&A, easy promo codes, email confirmation, etc). More than just a transaction for goods or services, these stats about customer experience are telling (source: smartkarrot):

  • 73% of consumers say that customer experience is a deciding factor when making purchase decisions.
  • 89% of customers said they’d switch brands after an unpleasant experience.
  • 77% of the customers who have a positive customer experience are likely to recommend the brand to a friend.

Top 2023 Digital Marketing Trends

Across the internet, experts are finding common ground on the hottest marketing trends of 2023. See the tried-and-true tools that continue to make the list and fresh strategies to experiment with in the new year. Gather your team, adjust your budget, and dream up ways to wow your customers! 

  1. Video — Storytelling and connection are at the heart of this years-long trend that’s spreading from TikTok to Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and livestreams on social platforms. Hubspot reports that short-form video will see the most growth of any trend and has the highest effectiveness and ROI. Video accounts for 82% of all online traffic, so you’ll miss the boat if you leave this out of your marketing strategy. Short-form is best, and content ideas include demos, live streams, behind-the-scenes, and webinars with easily clippable segments for social media. 
  2. Influencer marketing — Word of mouth is still the best advertisement, and online influencer marketing comes in at the #2 spot for ROI. One in four marketers currently use influencer marketing, with 17% planning to invest in it for the first time next year. No longer limited to celebrities pushing makeup products, you can find influencers in nearly every genre: fitness, travel, parenting, music, and countless others. Read here for Types of Influencers to Grow Your Brand. 
  3. Interactive marketing — Make your marketing a two-way conversation with quizzes, polls, gaming, calculators, contests, and more. Enhance engagement, improve customer experience, and increase brand loyalty with these tools. Check out these examples of effective interactive marketing. Another benefit is the crucial zero-party and first-party data generated as Google retires the use of third-party cookies. 
  4. Conversational marketing — Another arm of interactive marketing and improved user experience includes conversational marketing in real time. Social media platforms and websites with messaging features now respond via AI automation and chatbots instead of a form emailed to support or a phone call during business hours…and waiting hours or days for a reply. Automation is getting less clunky due to natural language processing (NLP), and 95% of customer interactions are projected to be AI by 2025.  
  5. Email and push notifications — Email marketing isn’t dead, with 89% of marketers utilizing email for promotions, product launches, and lead generation for people who visit your online store. Nearly everyone has an email address and it’s an effective way to keep in touch with your customers. 

    To overcome a saturated inbox, SMS texts and app push notifications are trending upward. Smartphones are increasingly used for online shopping and brand searches, with high opt-in rates for push notifications (60%) and low unsubscribe rates if the frequency rate isn’t obnoxious. 

  6. Voice search and visual search —  These are two sides of a coin and optimizing your content for growing voice and visual searches is crucial. Smart speakers and smartphones mean creating content for voice searches with conversational, high-quality Google-able answers. And improved image technology means visual searches continue to grow. To ensure your content is image-searchable, make sure you have high-quality images with descriptive file names, alt tags, and keywords. Posts with images have 180% higher engagement
  7. In-person events — After years of caution from the pandemic, people are craving in-person connections. If you don’t have a brick-and-mortar location, consider a pop-up shop in your community, an industry trade show or conference. Raise brand awareness, collaborate, and build relationships face-to-face. 
  8. Outsourcing — With so many data analytics tools and changing rules from big tech, in-house marketing teams are looking to the pros to nerd out over SEO, create benchmarks, and make their advertising dollars count. Let the experts handle lead generation, tracking trends and campaigns, and utilizing the latest tools, while you focus on your customers and create great products and services. 

Honorable mentions

  • Podcasts — Podcasting will continue to grow for creators and brands of all sizes. From teaming with industry experts, influencers, or other brands, 26% of organizations use this medium to connect with customers. Whether it’s hosting your own podcast or serving as a guest interview, consider hopping on this trend. 
  • Hyper-local marketing — You can reduce marketing spend by targeting messages based on location. Geolocation data helps personalize, and 94% of marketers plan to use location data in their marketing strategy in the future (with 8 in 10 currently doing so). 
  • Shared values and social consciousness — Many consumers, especially Gen Zers and Millennials, want brands that align with their values, whether it’s sustainable practices or social causes. The caution here is to stay authentic to your brand, without chasing a trend that’s too much of a stretch. Buyers can spot a phony, so be smart when incorporating this into your marketing.


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