The Threadgill Agency | About The Threadgill Agency
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About The Threadgill Agency


Innovation, initiative, ideas, and impact. These are four things clients have come to expect from The Threadgill Agency. We are always striving to innovate, to do things just a bit better than yesterday. We’ve learned that some minor adjustments upfront can truly impact our clients’ success as we move along the stated strategy. What’s more, our people have basically have “initiative” printed into their DNA. We refuse to be order takers. Instead, we tend to ask the tough questions that get us clearer answers leading to better results.

Finally, ideas. We believe a good idea is just that, a figment of imagination, until it becomes reality—a specialty of ours by the way. Good ideas, in any form, executed with great precision and craftsmanship, are how we use all our collective brain power to impact our clients’ business.



Of course, we’re experienced in the digital realm of marketing. Some of us were part of the revolution in digital agencies started not that many years ago. Yet we also have a foot firmly planted in some of the traditional areas of marketing that would be folly to dismiss.


With knowledge and experience comes know-how. It’s being adept at working through problems. Yes, zigging when others zag. It’s knowing what kind of messaging tends to work in certain situations. It’s being ready to test several propositions at once. It’s targeting, re-targeting and analyzing. Before it’s time to do it again. It’s knowing the state of the business today and predicting what tomorrow will bring.


Then there are the numbers. How are the ads working? Can we get more for the budget? How many likes? How many clicked over to the landing page? How many orders? What’s the ROI? How efficient are we being? Which message worked? Which should get thrown out? Just about every ad we see today has a number of some kind. We’re just the ones to help you translate them.