The Threadgill Agency | How Google Duplex Will Change the Way Customers Find Your Business (Or Your Competitors Instead)
Google Assistant will support more than 30 languages and will be distributed in 80 countries by the end of the year. Will your business website be ready to leverage voice search?
Google Duplex, Marketing, Voice Search
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How Google Duplex Will Change the Way Customers Find Your Business (Or Your Competitors Instead)

How Google Duplex Will Change the Way Customers Find Your Business (Or Your Competitors Instead)

On May 8, 2018 Yaniv Leviathan, Principal Engineer and Yossi Matias, Vice President, Engineering, Google made an important announcement on the Google AI Blog, and introduced Google Duplex as the ultimate AI assistant for consumers and business owners. Did you know that up to 75% of ‘smart speaker’ owners (Alexa and Google Assistant), use voice search every day?

The Google Trifecta of AI Integration into Daily Living and Business

If you have been weighing the idea of moving from an iPhone to a Google Pixel Android instead, these new integrated features might help you make the switch.  What is coming down from Google Development, will provide a true AI assistant that is integrated in the home, for business, shopping, and the convenience of Google Duplex will travel seamlessly with you, on your Pixel phone.

Features for Businesses Not Announced (But Rumored to Appear Soon)

We think one of the best ways to talk about the business integration possibilities for Google Duplex, is to demonstrate how it would work between the consumer, and the retailer or service provider, in every day scenarios.

Here are some practical examples of the efficacy and convenience of voice search that is rumored to be launched shortly, through the new Google Duplex AI:

  1. Dental Office

A potential patient can do a search using the Google Pixel or Google Home assistant for local dental practices, within a ten-mile range of their home (or where they are currently located, if browsing using geo-fenced local search).

“Hey Google, find me the top-rated Dentist in Plano Texas”.

  1. Medspa

If your medspa has posted a special offer, discount or incentive, Google Duplex (in the next stage of development) may be able to refine the local search to locations who are offering a new customer incentive.

“Okay Google find a medspa in Dallas that has a BOGO offer”.

  1. Retail

Customers want to make the most of their time, and the retail sector is about to be radically changed by Google Duplex in the near future.  Consumers may no longer have to drive to a mall, and search store to store for the best deals, for specific products they want to buy.

“Hey Google, find me a store that is having a sale on Coach purses”.

Natural Voice Makes AI Difficult to Detect in Human Conversation

One of the oldest predecessors of true AI has been used by the telemarketing industry for the past ten years.  Auto-dialing technology isn’t new, but the voice module has a robotic intonation that is easy to detect; so much so that the impulse is to hang-up.  Consumers and businesses know that they aren’t talking to a real person, and that limits the duration of the call and success of the automated marketing.

Google has engineered a completely natural voice, that not only sounds human, but mimics the dialect and cultural jargon of the caller.  For instance, it adds natural conversation pauses, listens to the other participant, and makes split-second decisions on appropriate responses and questions to ask, in order to achieve its objective.

Google Duplex will be able to:

  • Search for local businesses and service providers, assess which businesses are open (during holiday hours) and call automatically to schedule, or inquire about available appointment times, and products.
  • Order a pizza for you, based on previous parameters (and inquire about special offers before making a purchase decision). Google Assistant can save user preferences.
  • Schedule an appointment and navigate appropriate available times that fit within it’s search objective (provided by the owner).
  • Assist individuals with hearing impairments, or speech difficulties, providing fluid conversations on behalf of the owner.

To comply with privacy laws, the new Google Duplex will identify itself to the individual it is speaking with, to avoid violating two-party consent laws.  Individuals will be aware that they are speaking to the AI personal assistant and have the option to continue or end the conversation.  Businesses will need to begin training staff who manage customer calls, to anticipate and interact with Google Duplex and voice assistants.

Breaking the Language Barrier for Consumers

While Alexa voice AI has the capacity to speak in three languages (English, Japanese and German), Google has announced in May 2018, that the Google Assistant will support more than 30 languages and will be distributed in 80 countries by the end of the year.  The successful Android Auto program is also available in over 40 vehicle models, while Alexa is only supported in BMW, Mini and Ford cars and SUVs.

Why Voice Search Is a Priority for All Businesses

How often do you search for a restaurant, retail store, or entertainment venue when you are driving in your car? Or a mechanic, a health service provider, moving company or hotel accommodation?  Businesses are searching online every day, for suppliers, products and service providers.

The integration that allows for Google to search by location, to recommend products, services and experiences for consumers is only the beginning. Now, while you are driving or visiting an area, you can direct Google to find your dinner reservations, available concert tickets, new grocery stores and more.  And should you need to reserve, or verify the hours or location for the business, Google Search already does that; the difference is that by voice control and AI, your Google Assistant can now call on your behalf and engage as you would, with customer service.

Tooling Your Business for Voice Search

Google has taken AI to the next level, to truly accomplish hands-free voice search and service automation. The caveat for businesses and rush to enable website design that is tooled for these new AI and voice search features, is to begin the digital transformation now.

The featured snippet or answer box, that appears at the top of Google Search is the new ‘holy grail’ of SERPs.   When a customer types a query such as “Where can I find…” or “How do I…” Google provides a top page recommendation based on content, keywords, high-traffic and other site criteria, to connect your business to customers search for your products or services locally.

Structuring content for the answer box also involves:

  • Use of ordered lists (OLs)
  • Use of unordered lists and bulleted content breaks (Uls)
  • Data that is organized into tables
  • Use of H1, H2 and H3 headings in content

From website design, to optimization of Google My Business, our digital marketing team at The Threadgill Agency specializes in SEO, content and web development to help your business integrate all necessary aspects for voice search.  Start today by contacting us for a free consultation.